We believe a Dark Cloth should be more than just a tool in your camera bag.
A Dark Cloth should be a reflection of your personality, your joy, and your passion for Large Format Photography.

Each Wanderer Dark Cloth is hand made in limited quantities due to the fact that we hand pick each external piece of fabric and many times these are unique pieces that only allow us to make 1 or 2 Dark Cloths from it.

We understand that you are unique, your style is unique, and your craft is unique. Our goal is to create for you a unique Dark Cloth that will be used and cherished for years to come.

Wander On!

About Wanderer 

Lina Bessonova, Red Dark Cloth, Crimson Dark Cloth, Wanderer Dark Cloth, Dark Cloth, Shen Hao Camera
Photo By Massimo Francalanci